Suffering From Hair Loss? Blame It On Gravity!

Hair Loss Solution from Hawaii Gains Funding, Now Available Online

Testosterone contributes to thinning of the subcutaneous fat. In women, estrogen prevents thinning of these cushioning tissues, at least until menopause. Ageing and testosterone-related changes create vicious circle leading to hair loss as the cushion decreases, the hair follicle must strive against higher pressure, requiring more testosterone to achieve normal growth, researchers said. This local demand leads to a buildup of DHT levels in the scalp, but not in the bloodstream. Rising DHT levels cause further erosion of the subcutaneous fat creating a vicious circle, according to Ustuner.
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The funding has helped to build a new e-commerce website and increase manufacturing efforts to meet growing demand. Honolulu, HI (PRWEB) November 02, 2013 Hawaii’s Rain Products, a boutique line of hair care products recently gained funding and is now available for purchase online. The shampoo and scalp exfoliator treatment contain a special blend of island botanicals, Hawaiian Rain Water and other ingredients to combat sebum (scalp buildup), open the pores on the scalp and allowing hair to grow. The products have gained quite a reputation throughout the islands with many successes eager to share their stories with media outlets. Benedict Palmari, the founder of Hawaii’s Rain Products, doesn’t claim to have a miracle product and says that he can’t guarantee hair growth when using the products but that the philosophy is simple: When the pores in the scalp are clogged or covered in a resin (sebum), the hair can’t grow. Hawaii’s Rain Products is specially formulated to breakup the sebum, allowing the hair to grow again. Though the company has been in production since 1996, they recently received funding to purchase industrial sized equipment to increase their manufacturing capacity as well as to create website allowing for online purchases.
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How to cope with hair loss

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Myths Hair loss is inherited from the male parent. Female hair loss causes abnormal menstrual cycle. Hair dye, hair spray and washing hair increases hair loss. Hair loss only happens to women over 50. Facts Both parents genes contribute to hair loss.
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